The Kavanaugh Debate

The issue is not only the allegations but the naked partisanship that the GOP has now thrust into all branches of Government and the blatant “win at all cost” and zero compromise tactics that the Republicans are using in all of this.

You are guaranteeing retribution from the Left when that power pendulum swings and this leads the nation closer to sectarian violence.

Republicans control the government now and show their way of governance by pushing through everything along party lines w/ no attempt to cross the isle (this trend of inter-Congressional cooperation shifted towards tribalism massively back in 94-95 and was made worse in the 00s, especially from 08 on).

The only power that the Left holds is in the Culture War but Trump’s sledgehammer approach to wielding true Governmental power (in contrast to the Congressional GOPs scalpel approach) shows that Culture really doesn’t matter much.

So the pendulum is way to the Right at this moment.

True, science would say that the middle is inevitable but human history shows time and again that moderation and cooperation only comes when both sides are sick of the bloodshed.

Culture always evolves, usually driven by the younger generation, to be more inclusive. Perhaps the Right should do some soul-searching as to why they can’t accept the differences of others while demanding that we accept their differences?

At this point your side is the one with a body on it w/ the Alt-Righter running down that woman in Charlottesville and you guys also have that domestic terrorism thing w/ the armed takeover of the Fed. Bird Sanctuary.

Now, before you say that “they had a permit” for Charlottesville they sure as shit did not for that Tiki-Torch March and assault the night before which kicked off that weekend’s violence.

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