Maternity Feeding In Public? Right or Wrong?

It’s actually allowed to breastfeed in public as long as you cover up!

It’s frightening to think that things like this do happen daily. The anxiety caused to the mother is something that could potentially lead to PND. It’s unfair and its uncalled for. As for a social experiments it’s nice to see that there are decent people about and people who are willing to stand by and protect a vulnerable woman and her child.

He began politely enough and IS entitled to his opinion as much as anyone else. SHE argued and tried to involve others. HE tried to handle it politely between himself and the woman. Also, well breastfeeding may be natural, many of you seem to have this attitude about it like it’s some kind of protest or something. Be respectful of others about it. You want them to respect you…you get what you give. Plain and simple! And they do make breast pumps so you can bottle it and just avoid certain situations. Not trying to shame anyone, just saying the respect thing goes full circle.

I agree that people can find it very uncomfortable with breast feeding in public. I for one dont like to see this and wouldn’t want to see breasts on public transport. Covering the breast is fine and you can get the best maternity bra for that. Before everyone starts going on that it is perfectly natural.

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