Pte. Heath Mathews
Pte Heath Mathews, 1RCR

Pte. Heath Mathews, a signaller with "C" Coy of the 1st Bn, The Royal Canadian Regiment, after a patrol, 22 June 1952. (National Archives of Canada Photograph PA 128850 by Paul J. Tomelin)

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The RCR Museum - The Korean War 1950-1953

On 25 June 1950, communist North Korean forces crossed the 38th parallel into South Korea, over-running all but a small perimeter around the city of Pusan. Following the American landing at Inchon, the North Koreans withdrew. United Nations forces advanced close to the Yalu River before a Chinese counter-attack swept them back.

All Three battalions of the Regiment fought in Korea between 25 May 1951 and 27 July 1953 as part of the 25th Canadian Brigade, Commonwealth Division. More than 500 members of the Regiment became casualties (117 killed, 409 wounded). The Royal Canadian Regiment was granted the Battle Honour "Korea 1951-53", and is carried on the Regimental Colours.

Although only one Battle Honour was granted, each of the 3 battalions experienced intense battles in addition to the long periods of patrolling and holding their fixed positions: 2RCR at Chail-li and Songguk Spur; 1RCR at Kowang-San and 3RCR at Hill 187.