GvR Memorial Cross
The Memorial Cross was first instituted in 1919 for presentation to mothers and widows of Canadian soldiers or sailors of the First World War who died on active duty or whose death was consequently attributed to such duty. The crosses could be worn by the recipients at any time, even though they were not themselves veterans. The cross was engraved with the name and service number of the son or husband. Its description is as follows:

"The Cross is a Cross patonce in silver .... at the end of the upright a crown; at the foot, and at the end of either arm, a maple leaf; in the centre, within a wreath of laurel, the royal cypher of the reigning monarch."

Regimental Roll of Honour - "H"

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DateRankGiven NamesSurnameLocationRemarks
16 Dec 1986PteHaroldHabermehlLondon, ONHLI; RCR; Age 68
25 Sep 2012RaymondHachieBobcaygeon, On
He was a veteran of the Korean War, having served in Korea with The Regiment. He was 80.
2001CplVictorHaigNBRCR; Second World War
2003PteRobert T.HaladayQCRCR; Second World War
11 Jan 2008CaptEdHalaykoLondon, ON
ED, CD; RCCS; WW2 (2RCR Signals Officer Europe in 50's)
1996PteRobert K.HaldaneScarborough, ON3rd Bn RCR; Korean War
08 May 2005AltonHallCoboconk, ON
2005PteAlton B.HallON1st Bn, RCR; Korean War
1991Barney V.HallTimmins, ONRCE, RCR; Second World War
1992E.R.HallForest, ONRCR; Second World War
1998PteGordon S.HallONRCR, FSSF; Second World War
1998Band SgtJames H.HallON
Canadian Armoured Corps, RCR Bands; Second World War Korean War Canadian Forces
03 Apr 2011LawrenceHallMontreal, QC
2RCR Mortar Platoon, Korean War Vet with 2RCR 1951-52, which included the Battle of Chail-Li, 28-30 May 1951 - Aged 78
2003PteOtis J.HallMississauga, ONRCR, CAR; Korean War
31 Jul 1970PteTheodore JosephHallCyprusServing soldier 1RCR; UNFICYP (Cyprus) - CVWM
1992SgtJohn E.HallamLondon, ONRCR; Second World War
30 Dec 1988SgtW.E.HalsteadWaterloo, ON
23 Jun 2012GordonHamelLondon ON
He had served in WW II and also served in Korea from 1951-52 with 2nd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment. He was subsequently active with the Korea Veterans Association (KVA). He was 87 years of age.
2001SgtCampbellHamiltonKentville, NS2nd Bn RCR;
22 Nov 1986Mr.J.HamiltonLondon, ON
10 Aug 1978CaptJ.B.Hamilton
15 Jun 1987PteJ.R.HamiltonOromocto, NB
11 Nov 2003PatrickHammonSpaniard's Bay, NL
2006PteBernard J.HammondListowel, ONRCR; Second World War
2003PatrickHammondSpaniard's Bay, NLRCR;
1996A.C.HamreMBRCR; Second World War
1997Bandsman WilliamHancockONRCR; Second World War
2005Victor A.HancockBCRCR;
19 Feb 2005Victor A.HancockChilliwack, BC
14 Feb 2003SgtFrank L.HandleyTobermory, ON1st Bn, RCR; Second World War
Oct 1973RobertHandley
16 Jan 1972James KennethHandysides
1992DaveHannCarbonear, NLRCR, CAF
27 May 1917PteAlexander C.HannafordMontreal, PQE Coy, 2nd (Special Service) Bn RCR; South Africa
1990PteErnest M.HannamForest, ONRCR, RCASC; Regular Force
30 Mar 1990Mr.ErnieHannonLondon, ON
13 Feb 1994CplRichardHansonBrantford, ONB161364, The RCR; Second World War; Korean War; age 68
01 Nov 2000G.HardingOmemee, ON
2000Gordon L.HardingONRCR; Regular Force
04 Jan 2005Lt (Ret'd)TomHardinghamLondon, ON
15 Feb 2005Col (Ret'd)John H.HardyOttawa, ON
08 Oct 1996Lorne A.HardyNewcastle, ON
1996PteLorne A.HardyScarborough, ONRCR; Korean War
2002PteStanleyHardyNorth Sydney, NSRCR; Korean War
1998SSgtThomas V.HardyONRCASC; RCR;
1993WO IICharles A.HarflettWilberforce, ONRCR, RMR, Black Watch; Second World War, Regular Force
17 Jan 2000PteJack R.HarmerCambridge, ONRCR; Second World War
17 Oct 2004ColGeorge R.HarperOttawa, ON
25 Feb 1983SgtLloydHarperKincardine, ON
03 Apr 1968PteClintonHarringtonBoston, MA, USAFirst World War; age 73
2005Frederick H.HarrisONRCR; Second World War
17 Jan 2005Frederick H.HarrisWheatley, ON
05 Apr 2006Gordon (Buddy)HarrisDartmouth, NS
03 Oct 2006LColJohnHarrisNanaimo, BCMC, CD; The RCR 1954-60
25 Apr 1987Mr.A.R.HarrisonLondon, ON
1997PteCharles J.HarrisonLondon, ONRCR; Second World War
2000John V.HartSault Ste. Marie, ONRCR; Second World War
03 Aug 1995R.A.HartChalk River, ON
15 Aug 1971SgtMasonHartfordRidgetown, ONSecond World War, age 61
25 Jul 1983CaptJ.J.HartnettAlliston, ON
1996PteMichaelHartsmanONRCR; Second World War, Korean War
02 Jun 1988CplCarl MichaelHarveyGagetown, NBAPC accident - CVWM
14 Sep 1998D.D.HarveyHalifax
01 Jan 1994MajJohnHasek, CDPrague, Czech Republic
1994PteGeorge A.HaskinsWaterloo, ONRCR; Second World War, Reserve
2005EdmundHassSudbury, Ont.RCR; Second World War
01 Nov 1992LCplGeorgeHastieScarborough, ONSB159829; The RCR - C Pro C; Second World War; age 77
Apr 1976Mr.A.Hastings
1992Percy A.HaughanBridgewater, NSRCR; Second World War
24 Jun 1993SgtRussell F.HawkeDryden, ONMM; A3780, The RCR, Second World War; age 74
17 May 2004WOCharlesHawkesLondon, ON
31 Dec 2012Gary DavidHawkesAmherst, NB
Born April 14, 1947 in Sackville, NB, Gary proudly served in the Canadian Armed Forces, joining at the age of 17. He served with the Black Watch Battalion and did a tour of duty in Cyprus. When the Blackwatch disbanded, he transferred to the Second Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment, after which he became a member of the Military Police until his military retirement, having served 21 years.
1999PteRobert G.HawleyPort Stanley, ONRCR; Korean War
23 Jul 2011SgtNickHawrelakVegreville Alta
World War II Vet as a Sergeant, was selected to the honour guard for Gen Eisenhower's victory visit to Ottawa
01 Mar 2012Harold Henry
HaydenOrmocto, NB
He dedicated 20 successful years in the Canadian Forces as a member of 1st Bn Black Watch Pipes and Drums in Aldershot, Germany and Gagetown, and 2RCR Pipes and Drums in Gagetown. He was 89
Dec 1973W.C.Hayden
1998PteAlvinHaymanCalgary, ABRCR, PPCLI; Second World War, Korean War
31 Dec 1918PteLloyd S.HaywardWaterford, ON403206; RCR CEF
17 Jul 1987Mr.G.W.HazlettBuhl Vimbuch, West Germany
1999PteJoseph W.HealyQCRCR; Korean War
16 May 1994LColSamuel GeorgeHeamanSt. Catharines, ON
CD; Second World War; Black Watch, SSF; Former CO 3RCR (London & Oxford Fusiliers); age 72
23 Jun 2005Howard (Howie)HeathfieldLondon, ON
2005PteHoward W.HeathfieldON2nd Bn RCR;
18 Nov 1992WO2George AlbertHeavenMontreal, QueD82210, RCR, WWII, Korea
10 Dec 1971W.W.J.HebertPembroke, ONSecond World War; age 53
15 Feb 1967PteHarryHeckbertSummerside, PEIFirst World War; age 80
18 Oct 2004CaptHaroldHeddleLondon, ON
Jun 1977CaptR.Hedges
2003PteRobert T.HedleyONRCR; Second World War
Jul 1976CplK.A.Heffler
Oct 1967MWONicholas EdwardHegartyKingston, ONAge 63
22 Apr 1987SgtR.HeinckeSoellingen, Germany
20 Aug 1990CplJohnHeinrichKitchener, ONRCR; Second World War
1992PteBruceHeiseAurora, ONRCR; Second World War
07 Dec 1964PteWallace ThomasHelliwellServing soldier with 1RCR Germany - CVWM
04 Jul 2004Capt (Ret'd)AC (Tim)HemsleyBrockville, ON
1997SprStan D.HendershottAmherstburg, ONRCR; Second World War
08 Sep 1986PteC.J.HendersonWindsor, ON
15 Jul 1987Mr.F.HendersonLondon, ON
05 Feb 2003CWO (Ret'd)GMHendersonDartmouth, NS
1999SSgtRobertHendersonONRCR, RCOC; Korean War
23 Mar 2005PteB.P.HenneseyMontreal, PQRCR
1998PteJohnHennesseyONRCR; Korean War
01 Oct 2001A.J.HennickBurton, NB
14 July 2013WO (Ret'd)Jack Livingston "Hank" Henry HenryLondon, On
Warrant Officer Jack Livingston "Hank" Henry (Ret'd) has passed away at London, Ontario on 14 July 2013. Warrant Officer Henry was a veteran of the Korean War, having served in Korea with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Afterwards he served with The Royal Canadian Regiment in such locations as Germany and Cyprus. Warrant Officer Henry completed more than 30 years of service before retiring. He was a member of the KVA. He was 81 years of age.
11 Feb 1979CaptR.O.Henry
06 May 1981Mr.ErnestHenwoodOttawa, ON
2003PteCharles R.HepworthSt. Boniface, MBRCA, RCR; Second World War
04 Apr 1986MWOR.E.HerbertFort Pierce, FloridaCD
30 Aug 1989PteW.B. Jr.HerdmanToronto, ON48th Highrs, RCR; Regular Force
15 Dec 1988Mr.H.J.HermannBarrie, ON
24 Feb 2009 Dec 1988WODavidHernandezTillsonburg, ON Veteran of WWII.
Sep 1975MajE.D.Hersey
21 Mar 1991CplE.M.HerseyGondola Point, NB
1991PteErsel M.HerseySaint John, NBRCR; Second World War
29 Feb 1980Mr.E.G. (Gene)HetheringtonLondon, ON
1998PteFrank R.HewerCambridge, ONRCR; Second World War
23 Nov 2007MWOBillHexterSudbury, ONBlack Watch; 3RCR
13 Oct 2001PteGordon JohnHickLondon, ON
28 Mar 1993MWOJamesHickeyNiagara Falls, ONFormer 1 RCR KO
15 Oct 1971H. FrankHicks
4 Sep 1937Sergt.William "Ginger"Hicks The RCR 1907-1919; Manchester draft
03 Oct 2011 Maj (Ret'd)JamesHiderLondon, ON
1998Edwin W.HiggensMBRCE, RCR; Second World War
04 Dec 1985Cpl(Ret'd)N.M.Higgins London, ONCD
18 Jan 1999CplJoseph R.HighfieldLondon, ONAge 73
01 May 1961PtePaul W.HilchieHalifax, NSSF101707; Age 20
1989PteKenHilderbrandCopper Cliff, ONPPCLI; RCR; Second World War
21 Jul 1983MajC.E.HillStrathroy, ON
06 May 1993MajIvor WilliamHillAustralia2RCR, Korean War; Australian Army, age 76
26 Jun 1965PteJamesHillLondon, ONAge 52
23 Jun 2005L.G.HillSardis, BC
Sep 1968William "Pill"HillSt. Thomas, ONFirst World War
2003PteVincentHillerWindsor, ONKent Regt, RCR; Second World War
1998LCplRobert J.HillierNS2nd Bn RCR, 2nd Bn Black Watch; Korean War, Regular Force
18 Apr 2005CplJack B.HillmanLondon, ONRCR;
02 Mar 1989PteJ.A.HimmelmanEureka, NS
02 Jan 2004PteWilliam G.HindmarshToronto, ONRCR; Korean War
11 Jul 1998SgtAllen T.HindsLondon, ONRCR; Second World War, Korean War
1992SgtGeorge R.HineBelle River, ONRCR; Second World War
22 Mar 1968CplGordon StanleyHinesSoest, Germany2RCR - CVWM
09 Mar 1986Mr.A.E.HintonLondon, ON
17 Nov 1987WOG.Hipson, CDWinnipeg, MBCD
1990PteHarry C.HirstHamilton, ONRCR; Second World War
9 Oct 2012VernHisdaleYarrow, BC
He served with The Royal Canadian Regiment during the 1950s, was an active parachutist in his day and was a member of the Airborne Association.
13 Jul 2006Brian L.HitchcockSt Joseph's, ON
Mar 1976WOR.G.Hoare
05 Jan 1993PteR.E.HobsonSarnia, ONSB801692, The RCR, Korean War, age 64
27 Dec 1988PteR.W.HockridgePenticton, B.C.
08 Nov 1999CWORobert RoyHodgson, MMM CD Petawawa, ONMMM, CD - CVWM
26 Oct 1972MajV.N.Hodson
23 Sep 2012WOJohn Alexander
Hogan, CDHanewll, NB
He has been serving with the Infantry School since May 2010. He had previously served with 1 RCR and 3 RCR. WO Hogan has a great many close friends throughout the Regiment, especially in Gagetown and Petawawa. He is survived by his wife Maureen, his ten-year old son Jakob, and his brother Gary, a Sergeant with 4 AD Regiment at Gagetown, NB. Alex will be deeply missed.
03 May 1965PteJosephHoganLondon, ONFirst World War; Age 71
25 Dec 1968SgtErnest W.M.HoldenLondon, ONAge 58
27 Dec 1967CplEugene PatrickHolden1st Bn Black Watch; formerly 2RCR (Korean War); age 36
21 Feb 1993PtePatrick GeorgeHollengerOrillia, ON
1993SprPatrick G.HollingerOrillia, ONRCR, RCE; Second World War
25 Apr 1994LColC.R.Hollingsworth, ED CDDelaware, ON
CMGC; 48th Fd Regt RCA; Paymaster The RCR 1939-41; Second World War vet; Regt Paymaster in Italy; age 85
1936 Harold BrantHollowayHalifax, NSSouth African War
09 Dec 1970ColKenneth MaitlandHollowayCamp Hill Hospital, Halifax, NSAge 81
4 July 2013LCol (Ret'd)Edgar Herbert
Hollyer, MC CDOttawa On
Ed Hollyer's name will be forever linked to one of The Royal Canadian Regiment's most epic battles, the defence of Hill 187, 02-03 May 1953, during the Korean War. He played a most noteworthy role in the battle and, as a result of his outstanding leadership and courage throughout the engagement, was subsequently decorated with the Military Cross.
07 Dec 1982Mr.D.B.HolmesSt. Thomas, ON
20 Jan 1983Mr.E.HolmesLondon, ON
01 Aug 1983FrederickHolmesLondon, ON
18 Oct 1971WilliamHolmesFirst World War
01 Aug 1983BGen (Ret'd)W.J.HomeMC
30 Dec 1992WOErnest K.HomeniukVernon, BCSL4993, 431739598; PPCLI, 2RCR, Reg F & Reserve; age 58
09 Aug 1996PteC.J.HookerWheatly, ONAge 59
1996PteCarl J.HookerON2nd Bn RCR;
25 Sep 1987Mr.W.H.HooperOttawa, ON
13 Mar 1978PteHoovier3RCR; Mortar range accident
17 Mar 1940PteHedley E.HopeHalifax, NSP-15103; RCR CASF
22 May 1993WOIFrank HoraceHopgoodBrantford, ON
Second World War, The RCR, CSM; 56 Fd Regt (RCA) RSM; age 78
1998Donald L.HopkinsONRCR; Korean War
14 Jun 10Roy Hopkins Grande Prairie AB
20 Sep 2004Ted James E.HoreOttawa, ON
03 Jan 1948PteAndrewHornbyHalifax, NSRCR CEF; Age 57
17 Jun 2003George FrancisHornbyTillsonburg, ON
01 Feb 1987PteJ.D.HorneKincardine, ON
01 Jun 1985Pte(Ret'd)F.H.M.Horne Mount Pleasant, ON
12 Apr 2004BillHornsbyToronto, ON
16 Feb 1993PteKeithHornsbyLynden, ONSC137325, 2nd Bn RCR; Regular Force, age 66
2002PteBentley A. (Bill)HortonCornwall, ONRCR; Korean War
2005Edwin M.HortonON1st Bn, RCR; Second World War
05 Apr 2005Edwin M.HortonBurlington, ON
12 June 2013Brian DouglasHorwillPetawawa ON
Born on 26 January 1963 he was only 50 years of age. Brian Horwill served with 1st Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment during the 1980s. He was a very keen soldier, physically tough and fit, and eager to face any challenge. His background included the Basic Para, Recce Patrolman and Sniper courses. Sadly, Brian was unable to proceed in his chosen vocation and a life of limitations imposed by ill health followed. He has been living in the Petawawa area.
"Few would believe who he was as a young soldier (I recall the troops in 1 RCR called him the 'Terminator') if they saw him recently. He has been a friend of mine since I was 15 and we have remained close despite his illness and related medication with a reduced life. Indeed, he was to be my best man but was unable to take on those duties due to his illness." - LCol Steve Nash (Ret'd) in message to LCol JD Price CO 1 RCR & Capt Ross Appleton, Regt Adjt The RCR
23 Mar 1982ColJ.M.HoughtonToronto, ON
13 Mar 1978PteJeffrey WadeHouse3RCR; Mortar range accident - CVWM
26 Apr 1990PteEdward J.HoustonAlmonte, ONRCR; Second World War
1993LColBertram N.HoveyKingston, ONRCR, CYR, Queen's COTC.;
06 Dec 1992LColB.N.Hovey, CDKingston, ONAge 80
22 Feb 1987MWO (Ret'd)E.B.HowardGrand Bend, ONCD;1RCR; Age 62
19 Mar 1993PteTom E.HowardWaterloo, QCD138607, The RCR, Second World War, age 69
07 Sep 1993SgtWilliam M.HowardLondon, ON1RCR; age 59
1999MCplMark S.HowellGermany.RCR;
24 Mar 1990Capt.Ewart A.HoweyToronto, ON
27 Jan 1997T.HowlettSt John's, NF
22 Apr 2005WO1Ernest R.HubbardToronto, ONRCR CEF; Age 65
01 Mar 1989Capt (Ret'd)B.HudsonBridgewater, N.S.CD
28 Feb 1969PteWilliam ArthurHuestisMechede, Germany 2RCR - CVWM
24 Jul 1989PteCharles S.HughesOrillia, ON48th Highrs, RCR, PLDG, RCOC; Second World War
31 Aug 1950PteNorman ErnestHughesKilled by a prematurely exploding mortar bomb from a 2 RCR Mortar on 31 Aug 1950, at Petawawa during live fire training prior to deployment. Listed as the first fatality of the Korean War. CVWM
13 Apr 1987MWO (Ret'd)S.HughesFredericton, NB
1996PteWalter A.HughesLondon, ONPEI Highrs, RCR; Second World War
12 Nov 1988WOI (Ret'd)A.HuntBowmanville, ON
07 Jun 2005Mr.A.H.HuntBedford, NS
04 Sep 1992Dr.BarryHuntKingston, ON
13 Dec 2011LCol (Ret'd)John FredrickHunt Ottawa, On
His military career started in England when he became a boy soldier at age 16 in 1940. In 1944, he started his active service in the British Army, where he saw action in many parts of Europe ending in Greece. In 1949 John immigrated to Canada and joined the Canadian Forces in 1950. He did two tours of duty in Korea from 1951-53. His Battalion (1st Canadian Guards) was sent to Germany until 1961. In 1963-64 John did a tour of duty in Cypress. Postings to Calgary, Regina and Rivers, Manitoba followed. From 1971 onwards, he worked at DND in Ottawa until he retired in 1988 with 38 years in the service of Canada.
26 Jun 1972Percy C.Hunt
16 Oct 1986Mr.W.S.H.HuntDartmouth, NS
1992Charles J.HuntleyLondon, ONRCR; Second World War
Mar 1974PatHurrell
20 Feb 1971John WilliamHusher
25 Sep 1988Capt (Ret'd)W.N.HusseyScarborough, ON
04 Nov 1989Mr.J.K.HustonMerritt, BC
2004EdwardHutchcroftONRCR; Korean War
29 Dec 2005EdwardHutchcroftPrescott, ON
1991SgtNelson A.HutchesonWilkie, SaskachewanRCR; Second World War
14 Apr 1919PteHarry D.HutchingsKentville, NS477443; RCR CEF
1997CharlesHutchinsonSudbury, ONRCR; Second World War
1998PteMarshall G.HutchinsonOwen Sound, ONRCR, G & SF; Korean War Reserve.
Nov 1973Ronald A.Hutchinson
1999LtNormanHuttonONRCR, RCA; Second World War
26 Feb 1970SgtGordonHymmenLondon, ONFirst World War; Age 80
1998PODavid J.HynesONRN; 1st Bn, RCR; Second World War, Korean War
16 June 2012MWO (Ret'd)DavidHynesOttawa, ON
He had been quite active with the Upper Ottawa Valley Branch of The RCR Association in the 1990s. He was also well known from the days when he was SQ at The RCR Battle School.
2006PteDonald B.HyslopSt. Stephen, NBRCR; Second World War

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