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Maternity Feeding In Public? Right or Wrong?

It’s actually allowed to breastfeed in public as long as you cover up!

It’s frightening to think that things like this do happen daily. The anxiety caused to the mother is something that could potentially lead to PND. It’s unfair and its uncalled for. As for a social experiments it’s nice to see that there are decent people about and people who are willing to stand by and protect a vulnerable woman and her child.

He began politely enough and IS entitled to his opinion as much as anyone else. SHE argued and tried to involve others. HE tried to handle it politely between himself and the woman. Also, well breastfeeding may be natural, many of you seem to have this attitude about it like it’s some kind of protest or something. Be respectful of others about it. You want them to respect you…you get what you give. Plain and simple! And they do make breast pumps so you can bottle it and just avoid certain situations. Not trying to shame anyone, just saying the respect thing goes full circle.

I agree that people can find it very uncomfortable with breast feeding in public. I for one dont like to see this and wouldn’t want to see breasts on public transport. Covering the breast is fine and you can get the best maternity bra for that. Before everyone starts going on that it is perfectly natural.

The Kavanaugh Debate

The issue is not only the allegations but the naked partisanship that the GOP has now thrust into all branches of Government and the blatant “win at all cost” and zero compromise tactics that the Republicans are using in all of this.

You are guaranteeing retribution from the Left when that power pendulum swings and this leads the nation closer to sectarian violence.

Republicans control the government now and show their way of governance by pushing through everything along party lines w/ no attempt to cross the isle (this trend of inter-Congressional cooperation shifted towards tribalism massively back in 94-95 and was made worse in the 00s, especially from 08 on).

The only power that the Left holds is in the Culture War but Trump’s sledgehammer approach to wielding true Governmental power (in contrast to the Congressional GOPs scalpel approach) shows that Culture really doesn’t matter much.

So the pendulum is way to the Right at this moment.

True, science would say that the middle is inevitable but human history shows time and again that moderation and cooperation only comes when both sides are sick of the bloodshed.

Culture always evolves, usually driven by the younger generation, to be more inclusive. Perhaps the Right should do some soul-searching as to why they can’t accept the differences of others while demanding that we accept their differences?

At this point your side is the one with a body on it w/ the Alt-Righter running down that woman in Charlottesville and you guys also have that domestic terrorism thing w/ the armed takeover of the Fed. Bird Sanctuary.

Now, before you say that “they had a permit” for Charlottesville they sure as shit did not for that Tiki-Torch March and assault the night before which kicked off that weekend’s violence.

Young People Voting

I’m happy to see me and a majority of my millennial friends voting republican rather than democrats. Do your part and vote republican. Democrat advertisements such as NowThis like to isolate young people into thinking they shouldn’t vote red but don’t buy it! Vote to keep taxes low and for continued economic strength! Vote to keep strong border laws and to support our second amendment.

Any “higher taxes” go to public funded programs that many young people need. The wealthier are taxed more according to income. Thankfully most young people are progressive and have hopes of a new, loving world where ALL are accepted and have an equal playing field to succeed.

Change Starts With A Vote

Change away, youth voters. This rigged, corrupt, Russian infiltrated, money laundering, war causing government is broken beyond repair. Please vote for change. Not the old Democratic Party Blue, Not the GOP. Both are broken. Vote for the Socialist Democratic candidates. They want our country to run for us, not corporations, and career politicians. Please vote for candidates that do not accept corporate donations and PAC funds. They will always vote against you and waste money on things that enrich themselves. There are so many great candidates running for office all over this nation at this moment. Seek them out. We need to vote for those who are not owned by anyone when they are sworn in. We need candidates that are willing and able to make decisions that benefit their constituents, rather than the corporations and PACs who donated the most money.

Horses and Carriages

Horses are my passion and my purpose. I am a trainer and riding instructor. That said, I have to weigh in here. While I do agree that having the horses staged inside Central Park is smarter, safer and healthier for the horses, I have to call bullshit on much of the rest of this video.

First off, horses aren’t “shackled” into their carriages. They wear driving harness which is made of leather and sheepskin and fitted properly would be like a person wearing a safety harness.

They don’t have “painful” bits in their mouths. Yes, the bit is metal, but it rests in a spot in their mouths where there are no teeth below it, so it’s not pressing against anything sharp. Unless the owner has neglected dental care, which could happen with any horse, not just carriage horses. Carriage drivers have to keep their horses comfortable and healthy if for no other reason than they are their livelihood. People are not going to hire a broken down nag to pull them around NYC.

Next, horses are energy conservers. Even my horses who have free run daily, mostly just stand around. They do this because in the wild, food is scarce and if they spent all day frolicking they’d waste precious calories. So standing around waiting for a fair isn’t mental torture to a horse. They’re lazy by nature. Physically it’s not the best to stand on concrete though, so there’s that.

Unfortunately, horses of all breeds and disciplines end up at auctions, where yes, there are kill buyers. Until the US puts a stop to the export of horse meat, this won’t stop. But it’s not specifically a carriage horse issue.

Finally, ALL horses lay down and roll when they’re turned out. Rolling isn’t marker of a horse who’s “probably never felt grass before”